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NAT Braille version 2.0rc

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NAT 2.0rc has been released last tuesday and is available at
Samuel is working to package it in debian, and we really thank him!

Features already implemented in version 1.5  :
- - Supported input formats : OpenDocument (Openoffice) and text
- - Translated Brailles : French Grade 1 and French Mathematics
- - Mathematical bi-dimensional structures (arrays, tables, matrix)
- - Smart mathematical hyphenation
- - Transcription fine tuning: page size, Braille printing, Braille
tables, hyphenation...

New in 2.0 :
1) Stable features
1.1 New supported input formats : proprietary ones (word, rtf...) if
OpenOffice is installed on the system;
1.2 Page layout fully implemented (page numbering, lists, titles,
1.3 Word hyphenation for Grade 1 and customisation interface
1.4 New configurations managing system (with non-editable system
configurations and editable user ones)
1.5 Graphic user interface fully accessible
1.6 Page sequence printing available
1.7 Huge documents (such as books) can now be transcribed

2) New features that need to be fully tested
2.1 Configuration for DBT (like BraMaNet); DBT 10.7 configuration
included if DBT 10.7 is on the system.
2.2 Literary tables: linear mode transcription
2.3 Transcription of Word documents with converted Mathtype equations:
text conversion not necessary anymore. This means the original page
layout information is now preserved.

3) Reverse transcription, poorly tested:
It only works with mathematical and integral brailles.
To test it: use the reverse transcription editor (ctrl+n or main
window menu) or add a ".tan" extension to a Braille text file. French
help at:
http://natbraille.free.fr/aide/detranscrire.html .

To report bugs, you should use our new bug tracking system at:

Best Regards,
Frederic and Bruno for the Nat dev team.

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NAT est transcripteur braille libre - http://natbraille.free.fr
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