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brltty: Support for startup in initramfs


Debian Installer allows you to configure your system with an
encrypted root partition.  This usually means you are prompted
for the passphrase during initramfs, way before brltty is started
by its initscript.

To be able to see the prompt during boot, we need to make it
possible to start brltty during initramfs execution (in particular,
before cryptroot is executed).

is my first stab at making this possible.

By default, brltty will only start at initscript time.

If you set START_IN_INITRAMFS in /etc/default/brltty to "true"
and execute "update-initramfs -u" a new initrd will be generated
with brltty included.  Once you boot with this initrd, brltty
will be started during initramfs, and once the initscript
is reached, brltty will be restarted (a necessity I haven't found a
workaround for yet).

This makes the passphrase prompt (and possibly other prompts)
during initramfs execution accessible to braille users.

If you can, please give it a try or at least review the general idea.

I will probably do an upload with this new code included in the next few days.

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