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Vinux 2.0 Released!

Vinux 2.0 Release Announcement/FAQ!

I am happy to announce the release of Vinux 2.0! Vinux it is a 
specialist version of Linux optimised for visually impaired users. It 
is now based on Debian Lenny which currently provides a more stable 
platform to build an accessible distribution on than Ubuntu does. 

Vinux provides a screen-reader, full screen magnification and support 
for Braille displays out of the box. It can be run from the Live CD 
without making any changes to your hard drive. If you like it you can 
install it to a USB thumbdrive or to your hard drive either alongside 
Windows or as a complete replacement for it. There is also a virtual 
version available which can run Vinux as a guest operating system 
using VMWare Player on Windows. The main screen-reader/magnifier is 
called Orca and the Braille display is supported by Brltty. There is 
also a secondary screen-reader installed called Speakup, which is a 
console based screen-reader. This is aimed at more advanced users but 
can also provide a useful backup in the event of any problems. Vinux 
provides a wide range of open source software including an internet 
browser, a file manager, a text editor and various multimedia 
applications. Vinux is designed to be a completely secure modern 
desktop system for all the family, visually impaired and sighted 

Vinux 2.0 is now available from:


The full Release Announcement/FAQ is here:


The instructions on how to build Vinux are here:


A discussion about the future of Vinux is here:


The Vinux Project is now trying to recruit developers and contributors
from the VI community, there is a full list of different ways in 
which you can contribute to the project at the link above.

drbongo 01/09/09

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