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Re: at-spi2-atk git repository created

Hi Jason:

I am involved with this project and doing my best to make sure the work is completed and compatible. One thing that is at high risk is cspi, which is used heavily by GOK. We could use some help with this if anyone wants to jump in.

Orca lead and GNOME a11y lead

Jason White wrote:
Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> wrote:
As promised yesterday, the second source package of the big AT-SPI
rewrite on top of DBus is now available in pkg-a11y:

This is great news. Thank you for your valuable work.

Is the API compatible with the Corba/Bonobo version? If not, developers of
GOK, Orca and any other assistive technologies that rely on this will have to
make changes to accommodate.

It is my understanding that most (all?) applications and UI libraries use ATK
rather than AT-SPI directly, so assuming that side of the interface hasn't
changed, there should be no incompatibility with applications. I can't think
of any exceptions to this other than Java, which is covered by the new library
that is now also experimentally packaged for Debian.

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