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Re: why isn't orca installed?

Don Raikes <DON.RAIKES@oracle.com> writes:

> After using the very nice accessible installer of lenny, I am wondering why
> orca, espeak, and maybe festival are not automatically included in the
> installed distro?

We simply have no automatic handling of GUI accessibility installation

Generally, there are two steps in providing accessibility: The first
was to make accessibility APIs and programs available for installation so
that they integrate well into the existing packaging system.
The second step involves somehow figuring out which accessibility
features the user wants/needs enabled, and doing as much of the
installation/activation process automatically.

This second step has simply not been covered in Lenny yet.

We plan to get much of it done by installing accessibility intrastructure
by default in the future.  However, activation is still an issue
largely uncovered.  Note for instance, that on Lenny, gdm is
not accessible.  There are a lot of ends to fix up still, and very
little available manpower to do the work.

> It seems pretty pointless to have a nice install and have braille working on
> reboot, but once it gets to the gdm login screen there is no
> accessibility support.

I think "pointless" is too strong a word.  Remember that a few years
ago, GUI accessibility was a no-go completely on Linux.  We used to (and
many still do) use Linux completely froma text console, utilizing the
myriad of great free software command-line oriented programs out there to do
our daily work.

It is a fairly recent phenomenon (and it great!) that GUIs (some of
them at least) on Linux are indeed accessible.  While we have
orca and its dependency chain in Lenny now, there is still
alot to do in the field of activation and/or autoinstallation.

> Some basic orca/tts installation and configuration should,imho be included
> by default.

I totally agree with you.  Are you interested in volunteering to work on it?

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