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Re: festival on lenny

Don Raikes <DON.RAIKES@oracle.com> (15/04/2009):
> I want to get festival working on it, but even though I have installed
> alsa-oss alsa-utils alsa-tools and festival, when I try to use
> festival I get an error saying that festival cannot open /dev/dsp.
> Sure enough there is no /dev/dsp.
> My understanding from my days working on fedora is that alsa-oss
> creates/manages /dev/dsp.

Looks like what I thought is still valid[1]: the alsa-oss package
contains an “aoss” command which is a wrapper.

 1. http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Aoss

> Does anyone have this working or have any ideas?

I think “aoss festival” might be what you need.


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