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Re: Supports BrlTTY alsamixer?

Simon Bienlein <s.bienlein@gmx.de> writes:

> when I start alsamixer on my Debian Lenny system, I can not readout
> the volume control data. No cursor tracking is taking place here. Can
> the program be operated with BrlTTY

Sure, I just used it yesterday.

> and if yes, with which tricks?

Well, alsamixer draws a few vertical sliders with ascii characters.
On the bottom of the sliders, you first have the label for the slider,
and then a number indicating its volume.  The currently active
slider will be indicated by less-than and greater-than signs to the left
and right of its label.  If you turn cursor tracking off (to prevent unwanted
moves), you can position the display at the last two lines I just
explained above.  You move from slider to slider by pressing left/right
cursor keys, and you increase/decrease volume with up/down cursor

> Which mixers do you use on the console except for amixer?

aumix is nice too, but IIRC its for OSS only.

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