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Re: Missing braille tables in the Lenny NetBoot image

Odd Martin Baanrud <martin@la5ska.net> writes:

> I've installed Debian Lenny with the NetBoot image.
> I got braille support durring the installation, but I didn't got the
> specified braille table.
> I've specified the "no-p" table.
> I used the same parameters as in Etch, brltty=driver,port,table
> Am I missing something new?

The norwegian braille tables have been renamed, they are now:
x2:~% grep no- /etc/brltty.conf
#text-table     no-generic      # Norwegian (with support for other languages)
#text-table     no-oub  	# Norwegian (Offentlig Utvalg for Blindeskrift)

> Also, the braille support didn't appear after the instal.
> I saw "Running BRLTTY" near the end of the process, but after
> rebooting, BRLTTY didn't start.

That is not expected.  What port configuration/driver did you use?

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