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Problems with Gnome 2.24 and Orca 2.24.2

After installing Gnome 2.24 (from the experimental repository) and Orca
2.24.2-1 from the same source, I notice the following oddity.

Note the only reason why Gnome 2.24 is in "experimental", as far as I know, is
that Unstable is in freeze due to the forthcoming release of Lenny.

Whenever I am outside a Gnome menu and I try to use the up-arrow key, there is
a pause, and then I am placed in a gnome-screenshot dialogue.

I have an Orca debug output file here which demonstrates the problem from
within the Orca preferences: I can't find any record of the up-arrow key
event, but we land in the Gnome-screenshot dialogue nevertheless. The up-arrow
key behaves normally within the Gnome menu.

I noticed while installing Gnome 2.24 that there are still some 2.22 packages
that were included in the download, so maybe Debian's Gnome 2.24 isn't in
shape yet.

Has anyone else here tried it, and if so, can you reproduce the problem?

I also notice that if I log out of Gnome, bonobo-activation-server and
espeak-synthesis-driver are both left running, and have to be killed manually;
otherwise, Gnome fails to load properly when the next X session is started.

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