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problem with Debian edbrowse package

If this is a known issue, I apologize. I am running a Lenny/testing
system here, using only text console tools, no GUI. I have been using
edbrowse for several years, keeping it current from the sourceforge CVS

I recently noticed the Debian package for edbrowse, which seemed to be
the same version as my most current edbrowse, and decided to switch to
the package. My initial experience was excellent, no apparent problems
after switching.

But yesterday I attempted to access my router to check the
configuration, and was unable to do it with package version of
edbrowse. The sourceforge CVS version continues to work well.
Increasing the edbrowse debug level to 3 shows that the package version
does not execute some javascript code which the sourceforge version
executes, stopping with an empty buffer instead. The sourceforge
version has supported accessing my router (and other routers) for a
very long time, it is not a currently added feature.

Any tips on how to solve this would be appreciated. Any further
information that would be helpful, I can provide.

Thanks, and congratulations on the great work of the accessibility team
with the Lenny effort.


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