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Re: ibmtts

Frank Carmickle <frank@carmickle.com> writes:

> I went looking for the gnome-speech-ibmtts package tonight and I realized
> that it's not available in amd64.  Would it be very difficult to
> have the amd64 depend on the ia32libs and add -m32 to the gcc flags
> such that one could just install gnome-speech-ibmtts?

Yes, because there is no 32 bit version of bonobo.  Even if there were,
I am not sure that 32bit and 64bit bonobo servers/clients can cooperate, never
tested that.

Convince your reseller that ibmtts needs to ship a 64-bit version.
Or use a 32bit desktop.

Besides, ibmtts needs a library package thats no longer available
in lenny, one has to pull the deb from etch manually.

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