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isix -- Debian based accessible live system on a USB stick


Reader of http://planet-a11y.net/ may already know about this[1],
but since this system is Debian based I thought it would make sense
mentioning it here.

I recently built an accessible live system on a USB stick using
the live-helper package.  The original aim of this system was to
put it on the internal USB storage of my Handy Tech Modular Evolution[2].
But I realized pretty quickly that this might be useful in general, especially
for rescue situations and easy demoing of Linux accessibility
capabilities to blind and visually impaired users.

Since I am a german speaking person, I preconfigured this system for now
to use a German desktop, german speech synthesis (using espeak)
and german braille translation tables.
All (to brltty) known USB braille devices are automatically recognized.
The system fits on a 2GB USB stick.  It uses the latest
versions of accessibility software from experimental, the rest is lenny-based.

You can find prebuilt images here: http://lamp.tugraz.at/~lang/isix/

Comments are welcome.

[1] http://delysid.org/Blog.html#2008-10-21T14:17
[2] https://www.handytech.de/en/normal/products/for-blind/modular-evo/index.html
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