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OT Upgrade from Etch to Sid

Hi their.  Sorry for the off-topic message, but I figured that some of you
may have expeirneced this problem.  Have a box here.  Did a pure upgrade
from Etch to Sid.  Prior to this, did a Standard Install, which installed
Openoffice, Iceweasel, and a lot of other applications.  I did not do any
X Server configuration prior to the upgrade.  However, when I did do an
upgrade, the standard Debconf questions were asked, with one important
ommision.  the questions did not include and references to you're monitor
type, resolution, etc.  Note that the last time I did an install was on
Sarje, so things may have changed.  So what is needed to configure the
local display for Xorg use?  This particular machine has a Nvidia Geforce2
w/64MB of ram, so it's most probably included within the legacy drivers
section.  I'm using the stock 2.6.18-speakup kernel from the
speakup_netinst CD.  Asides from the kernel, this is an up-to-date Sid

SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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