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Re: Questions about Netinst and Live CD

Hi Simon:

just to say that I have proposed this idea long time ago ..... 

but I also proposed it myself *for real*, in a previous project called 
BlinDIA ( http://blindia.blinuxman.net/ ): 
that was aiming to add a blindfriendly/brltty-enabled d-i for the Sarge. 
Ph. Richardson and I discussed at that moment that it would be nice to add 
such a multiple beep sound (6 beeps long, maybe excessif :-) )
at CD startup.
Debian People, feel free to study it and port it if there is a wish !
Also feel free to reproduce the suppression of the "1 startup problem" at
the Debian Installer eacht time brltty starts up.
Finally, another trial we did to increase blindfriendly access, was by
adding a new (very short) way to pass the append line for brltty:
	for example, why entering  install brltty=bb,dd,tt 
	if it could work as wemm wotj with:  bbddtt, for ex. 
	al0de if you're using an alva at ttyS0 with the de tbl,
	htuse if you'r running an handitech in usb and swedish table
	etcetera etcetera ...fill in...

No-one of thes features have inspired the official Debian Accessibility
people; maybe it will when other people judge this ideas interesting ?


PS: the last idea concerning the short command for brltty failed because the
Sarge doesn't use udev and passing the right usb parameter was a problem.
Fortunately Etch came then with its brltty-enabled d-i and so we (of course)
stopped our BlinDIA project; but all material is there online as a reference
to what we thought and did at that moment. 

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 12:09:46AM +0200, Simon Bienlein wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am interested in the Netinst and Live CD. I noticed about the Netinst 
> CD that there is no audible beep when the boot menu appears. I believe 
> to have read that a blip was planned to be installed. I had assumed that 
> I - like with the Etch CD - would stand at the boot prompt and could 
> enter the following to support my Braille display:
> install brltty=ht,ttyS0,de
> How does one have to act with the Netinst CD if one wants to give the 
> parameters for the Braille display to the installer?
> About the Live CD: How does one have to act if one wants to start the 
> Live CD with a Braille display? Will a USB line be recognized 
> automatically and how can the parameters for the Braille table still be 
> given over?
> Thanks in advance for your answers.
> Simon
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