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brltty: A 3.10dev snapshot for Lenny?


I am thinking about the possibility of uploading a subversion
snapshot of brltty to Debian so that it will make it for lenny.
I've always followed a self set rule of only using brltty releases for
Debian uploads for a number of reasons in the past.
However, along the lines of "rules are there so that you think
before your break 'em", I'd like to open a thread to discuss people's opinion
on this.

The main reason for me wanting to get a snapshot into Lenny is the fact that
BRLTTY has converted to unicode in 3.10dev.  Since UTF-8 and unicode in
general are becoming more and more important it seems like a desireable goal
to release Lenny with working unicode support for braille display users.
AIUI, this would make it easier for people to use braille in their
native language, since some complex scripts can not be handled
at all right now (Chinese?).  Besides, the default configuration
of a Lenny install will use a UTF-8 locale, so brltty should
support this, without having the user to change back to some iso-nnnn-n locale.
I dont think brltty will release before Lenny will be frozen.
So, what do you think?  What about the API, are we to expect any breakage
due to the changes in 3.10dev so far?

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