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brltty from initramfs


I've just successfully written some scripts to make brltty run from initramfs.

Has anyone else perhaps already played with this idea?

I'd like to integrate the scripts I have here into the official
brltty package and offer some configuration option to
allow users to put brltty into their initrd.

The current plan of action is as follows:

* Add /etc/default/brltty with currently one variable:
  BRLTTY_START_IN_RAMDISK=false (off by default).
* Provide /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/brltty which copies the required
  files into the ramdisk at creation time if the above mentioned variable
  is set to "true".
* Provide /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/brltty which
  starts brltty from within the initramfs (if it was copied into the ramdisk).

All a user that has BRLTTY_START_IN_RAMDISK set to true would need
to do is to run "update-initramfs -u" manually whenever they changed anything
in their /etc/brltty.conf so that the new file gets updated
in the initrd.img and can take effect on next reboot.

Unsolved issues:
 * Bluetooth users will not be able to use this unless we also start
   the whole bluetooth stack before running brltty.
 * The early-started brltty should create a pid-file somwhere so that
   the init script could detect that brltty is already running.

P.S.: This is obvously useful since we get access to the console during boot
way earlier than with the normal sysvinit system.  However, it is getting
more relevant these days because now we actually can have
a prompt very early in the initramfs, namely for encrypted partitions.

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