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Re: brltty with viavoice and swift

Hoppa Samuel and all readers,

on Monday, July 9, 2007 at 8:57:31 AM means Samuel Thibault:
> Ah, no, you can't modify the behavior of dpkg-buildpackage by just
> running ./configure before it. What you should do instead is to modify
> debian/rules for adding the option to the ./configure line there.


Is the easiest way to

# configure --options
# make
# make install


Then I try it, because I would test brltty with speech and vdr.

I install the package and try to start the swift speech.

The options in the brltty.conf:

speech-driver sw
speech-parameters sw:Name=/opt/swift/voices/Matthias # must this
option set?

But nothing happens with the voice. :-(

Best regards Sebastian 
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