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Bug#431861: ftp.debian.org: Please remove gnopernicus from unstable

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal

gnopernicus development has been discontinued by upstream in August 2006.
A much more flexible solution is in development by Sun directly
since about 2004, which is now packaged for Debian as gnome-orca.

The whole accessibility community seems to have switched to this
solution, and gnopernicus hasn't been mentioned on various
mailing lists since about a year or so.

If someone picks the codebase up and starts to maintain it again,
we can reintroduce a package for it.  But in the meantime, it
does not make sense to invest resources into maintaining a package
for gnopernicus, especially since it will need quite
a bit of maintainance since the accessibility software stack
is constantly changing these days...

I therefore request the removable of the gnopernicus source package.

P.S.: Currently, gnopernicus is holding the gnome-speech transition
to testing up because it is not yet build on several arches.
If at all possible, it would be helpful is gnopernicus
could be removed ASAP.

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