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What to do with Gnopernicus?


I am trying to get feedback on what we should do with
gnopernicus for the lenny release.  Apparently, development
of gnopernicus has been discontinued upstream, all GNOME
accessibility manpower seems to go towards developing
orca these days, and the BAUM Retec AG team seems to have
stopped maintaining it in August 2006.

Is anyone actually still using it for someting?
Should we keep the package around for Lenny?
If so, how do we ensure it is maintained properly?  Any volunteers
for maintaining it upstream?  One of the jobs that is coming up
is to migrate the ttybrl.c code from brlapi from brltty 3.7.2 to
the upcoming 3.8 packages.  I expect other maintainance jobs
like keeping the magnification code compatible with gnome-mag
changes and so on.

Or shall we rather orphan gnopernicus and "migrate" the remaining
users (if anyy) to orca somehow?

I guess adding a warning about discontinued development and
a suggestion to try out gnome-orca to the gnopernicus package
description might be a first step towards a migration.
What do others think?

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