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Re: Cepstral/swift and gnome-speech

Sebastian Dellit <sebo@blinzeln.de> writes:

> Attempting to activate OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Swift:proto0.3.
> Driver name: Swift GNOME Speech Driver
> Driver version: 1.0
> Synthesizer name: Cepstral Swift
> Synthesizer Version: 4.2.0-development
> Enter desired gender ('m' or 'f'): m
> Enter desired locale, or 'all' to display all voices: all
> No voices, bailing out.
> I try to test the speech manualy with:
> swift "hello"
> and the speak works fine.
> Why gnome-speech means, that no voices be installed?

You simply need to symlink swift.xml into /etc or /opt/swift, since
the library looks for that file in those two locations.
If you specify some other location as /opt/swift while installing swift,
you'll have to do:

ln -s /path/to/swift/etc/swift.xml /etc/swift.xml

Then, everything works as expected.

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