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Re: [Kenny Hitt] Re: Is Debian appropriate for accessibility?


On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 05:47:13PM +0100, Mario Lang wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> This is how Ubuntu users see Debian.
> I am very sad about such postings.  However, to get something positive out
> of it, we should at least use it to reflect on the past.
> 1. Ubuntu would not exist without Debian.  I guess even some of
>    the "Ubuntu Accessibility" packages are taken from Debian.
>    BRLTTY at least comes to mind.
True.  I believe all the accessibility packages in Ubuntu except speakup
are main stream Debian packages.  In some cases they are exactly the
same, in other cases, existing bugs in the Debian packages have been
fixed in the Ubuntu packages.  libgnome-speech3 is an example of a
package that started as a main stream Debian package that has had it's
bugs fixed in the Ubuntu version.

> 3. Still, we seem to be much less effective than the Ubuntu people.
>    At least the impression is generated in some users.
> This even went as far as some AT developers recommending to users to
> switch from Debian to Ubuntu, since Ubuntu is supposed to work better
> with accessibility.
> Why is that?

I believe it happens because accessibility is part of the Ubuntu social
contract.  This causes Ubuntu to put more focus on accessibility than
As far as I know, you are the only Debian developer concerned with
accessibility.  I rarely if ever see posts from other Debian developers
on this list.  You've done a great job, but accessibility is a large
area and you are only one person.

a          Kenny

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