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Magnifying software for KDE in Debian?

Hello all.

{Maybe little OT, and better place for this is the KDE-accessibility

As long as here's spoken so much about Gnome and it's Gnopernicus, I'm
trying to find out if any similar application designeed for Qt/KDE is
there. I know Kmag and friends, but I'd be able to see my desktop
magnified on full-screen mode (as Dolphin's Lunar for Windows makes it
possible). I won't switch myself to Gnome -- it hasn't got same
functionality and isn't as much eye-candy as KDE at the moment (and
certainly will never be). Installing Gnopernicus and running them with
KDE at my TP T23 is little violent in general. ;^)

I read somewhat few weeks ago at KDE-dev about possibly full screen
magnification, but wouldn't be earlier than in 4th release of KDE
(AFAIR, combined with X.org 7.3) I'm not deeply familiarized with
structure of X.org accessibility bridge, don't know, if there're any
built-in features about desktop magnifying and advanced mouse cursor
watching. I'm just end user. ;^)


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