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HELP: Debug gnome-speech hang


For some to me totally unknown reason gnome-speech
(in particular, the festival-synthesis-driver binary) hangs with
100% CPU load whenever I try to invoke a gnome-speech app
on two machines of mine, both running Debian Sid (one is amd64, the otehr
is i386).  This used to work, I know!

For instance, I call "orca --setup" in a terminal, which
hangs, since it apparently tries to use gnome-speech, which in turn,

Can anyone please test if they can get gnome-speech to
work on their debian machine, and report back with results?
Besides, everything you can figure out to further pin this bug
down would be highly welcome.

Skimming the news entries for newer gnome-speech versions,
I can not find anything that reads like being relevant.

Anyone with some CORBA-fu?
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