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Re: Accessibility theme for the graphical installer

Hi Denis,

On Saturday 09 September 2006 09:12, Denis Barbier wrote:
> With help from Eddy Petrişor, I copied the
> HighContrastLargePrintInverse theme (from gnome-accessibility-themes)
> into rootskel-gtk, you can find this package under
> people/barbier/rootskel-gtk in d-i subversion repository.
> This theme is currently enabled when the FRONTEND_BACKGROUND=dark boot
> argument is found.  Is it okay to put this stuff into trunk?
> Do people on d-accessibility have an opinion on this theme and font
> size?

Just to let you know that this theme has now (actually has been for a 
couple of weeks) been integrated into the installer. It took a while as 
we had to wait for a new version of fontconfig which was severely 

It is currently available in the daily built images and will be part of 
the Etch RC2 release of the installer.

Both the regular and the graphical installer now have a "dark" 
accessibility theme. In both cases it can be activated by passing
"theme=dark" as boot parameter:
- install theme=dark    (newt frontend, regular installer)
- installgui theme=dark (gtk frontend, graphical installer)

Best wishes for the new year.


P.S. IMHO the dark theme for the newt frontend could possibly still use 
some improvement:
- does the yellow/ochre text really contrast sufficiently with white for
  use in selection lists?
- for string input the text input line has a blue background, which seems
  less than optimal:

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