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Re: brlapi

Good morning Samuel,

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Send us the error message you get.

Orca says

NOTE: This script was unable to find libbrlapi.so, which is needed
for braille device support.
Ah, that's a good error message. Do you have libbrlapi.so.0.5 or
libbrlapi.so? (as provided by the libbrlapi1 and libbrlapi1-dev)

When it didn't work, I removed BRLTTY 3.7.2 and installed the latest build. Thus, I have BRLTTY API Library: release 0.5.0 installed with libblrapi.so of various flavours in /usr/lib. When I installed BRLTTY, I did it with --prefix=/usr, --sysconfdir=/etc and --localstatedir=/var. brlapi1 and brlapi1-dev are still installed.


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