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Re: debian-installer and braille table selection

Hi Samuel,

> In official images no, indeed.  But it is fixed in my image, isn't it?

At my first try I did not carry out the installation completely, but
cancelled it after selecting the Braille table and the language. Then,
the Braille display was connected via a serial port. Although I entered

install brltty=ht,ttyS0,de

at the boot prompt, BRTTLY was started with the US Braille table. After
selecting the language I had expected my input to be carried out at the
boot prompt and that the Braille table would only have to be chosen when
the Braille display is connected via USB.

BRLTTY was installed correctly and was available instantly after the
installation :-).

You can fix this bug in the official images, can't you?

Best Regards, Simon

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