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see it happen GC ME

Acquisition news to send G CME flying!

Compaany: Greater China Media & Ent
Tiicker:  GCM E 
Current_Priice: $1.60 
Target_Priice:  $5.00
Recent Voluume: 486,216 shares (Insiders Accumulating?)
Markett Cap: 3.2 M
Shares Outstanding 2.0 M
Recommeendation: Stroong Buyy
Pricee Inccrease Expec: Max

Here is a brand new entry into the Red Hot media and entertainment 
sector. With entertainment industry pricees at record levels 
these small ccompanies are poised to deliver hugee pprofits.

With a combination of solid, proven manageement, Extremely
Lucrative bbusiness sector, and incredible news, this stoock
is going to fly on wednesday.

Members should pick up GCM E as early as possible on wednesday.
This news is going to send G CME off the charts!  We all
know that in the entertainment buusiness it's the big announcements that make these sttocks explode.

Add GCM E to radaar on wednesday, september 6, 2006. go GC ME!

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