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Etch Beta 3: BRLTTY not installed

Hi everyone,

As I have never handed in a bug report, I will describe my problem here:

I performed a Netinst-installation on an old Compaq-processor. As this
one has little storage the installer ran in low level mode (or so). That
meant that all messages were displayed in English. For the keyboard
layout and the language I chose Germany. At the reboot after the
installation BRLTTY was not started. Hence, in blind flight, I logged in
as root and performed aptitude install brltty. The Braille display was

Apparently, the adjustment of the language was not really successful as
the German umlauts and special characters (ö, ä, ü, ß) did not work and
aptitude did not display German messages.

It would be great if the problem with BRLTTY could be solved before the

If necessary, I can repeat the installation in a VMWare environment.

Best regards, Simon

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