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Re: d-i: BRLTTY is not installed

Quoting Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org>:


Quoting Simon Bienlein <s.bienlein@gmx.de>:

I have tried the daily build version of the debian installer
(11-Jun-2006 21:13) with VmWare. The installation was successful.

However, after the reboot I detected that BRLTTY was not installed this
time. During the test with an earlier version BRLTTY was started
immediately at the first reboot after the installation.

That's probably related with bug 373118.

Yes, that's it: I tried moving the brltty script from /usr/lib/prebaseconfig.d to /usr/lib/finish-install.d, and then brltty correctly got installed.


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