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Sarge netwwork installation, BRLTTY and Caiku Albatross Braille Display


I have a Tivomatic's Caiku Albatross Braille display and now I'm having
some problems with Debian Sarge network installation.

I downloaded floppy images from
but unfortunately the BRLTTY version seems to be too old. If I remember
correctly, BRLTTY 3.5 is the first version with support for Caiku
Albatross display. In Slackware I have a beta version of 3.5 and it
works well.

I have also burned a netinst CD from an official ISO image. The problem
with this CD is, that I haven't found a way to mount a floppy disc in
order to test if I could start an alternative driver for Albatross
display from a floppy before continuing installation process. I tried
this in virtual console, and if I understood right, there isn't a
device for floppy in /dev directory.

Does someone know if there are accessible images somewhere, CD or
floppies, with BRLTTY 3.5 or later?


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