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Re: a blindunfriendly Sarge installer problem

> > I really not understand why my sighted partner have a nice Debian
> > installer who make
> > etc...
> Please stop whining. Please understand that, as usual with
> accessibility, the problem is not people's willingness, but mostly lack
> of hardware and information to actually achieve accessibility in the
> debian installer. Whining just leads nowhere.

Probably someone who is in physical proximity to Osvaldo so he/she can
access the hardware would be really a nice and good thing to have.

AIUI, the hardware is hard to find and is non standard (or were the
the software interfaces? I don't remember); A member of the romanian
translation team took the task of transl;ating Gnopernicus and during
his research he contacted a local blind school, Probably access there
would be nice, but unfortunately he is unresponsive for about 2 months

Zeno, could you help about this?

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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