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Re: Problems with rss-feed on mainpage

Jutta Wrage:

That's the standard way for feed autodiscovery, for example to get
Opera and Firefox to display a subscription icon.
The text Debian uses there is standard, too? hmmm...

There is no standard for how to write the title attribute, no. But the use of link rel=alternate for RSS feeds is quite standardized, just point your lynx at any blog and you'll find more. Or at slashdot. Or a news site. Or whatever...

1. The feeds are not really two alternate views ot that page, what the alternate header fields make assume.

They are, but only for part of the document.

application/rss+xml title "RSS 2.0" for _all_ headings as RSS2.0 feed in the index page would be one
  application/atom+xml title "Atoms Feed" for _all_ headings as Atoms Feed

You don't want to mix the various headings in the same feed, having them separate makes more sense.

And, yes, we don't have feeds for the news. That's a "bug".

  text/html with title "Braille Friendly Page" could be another one.

There are several text/html links marked up as alternates on www.debian.org, namely all the language links at the bottom of the page. Those are in <a> tags, not <link>, though.

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