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Re: Quote signs in debian css - solution for all languages in sight

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I send this to the accessibility mailing list, to to have some opinions for there maybe, as the browsers render cite and q special for them too, maybe. If necessary, I can do an example page.

Am 08.10.2005 um 12:37 schrieb Denis Barbier:

I had another look at specs and it seems to me that these instances
of <q> tags are wrong and should be replaced by <cite>.  If you
look at http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/ source HTML, this is indeed how
they refer to books.

<cite> is the source of a quotation/quote block.

So, if you are citing from a book, the source goes into <cite> tag, but not the citation.

I have thought over the problem with book titles mentioned in the text without quoting them. There seems to be no real good solution. If you write "mr Smith presented his new book "Go To Nirvana" the book title really is no cite (source of a quotation), but the authos nam may be. Here the book title itself may be a quotation while "Live is nothing, says Mr Smith in his new book "Go To Nirvana" Mr Smith and the book title are source of the quotation and can go to <cite>. This point of few is also presented in browser behaviour. Cite never is surrounde by quotes while mentioning a book title in a text normally means setting it in quotes.



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