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Re: Lynx web browser

Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> writes:

> Could one using braille or speach please look into?
> Is it a problem navigating with lynx arounnd the server selection on =20
> http://www.debian.org ?

I have/had no problems with this.

> Am 24.07.2005 um 20:14 schrieb Jens Seidel:
>> Please select the server list which contains by default "[United
>> States_]". Press Enter and use cursor buttons to select another mirror
>> such as a German one, press enter again, select "Go", press enter and
>> voil=E1, you use the German mirror.
> Hmm... If he is not used to lynx, he may have selected a server and =20
> got back to the list on every return. The way out there is using TAB =20
(or cursor down)
> to go to the submitt button then.
> I normally use the cursor to navigate there. And when one opens the =20
> selection box, lynx tells what to do next. I am not sure, if there =20
> really is a problem. Maybe, the readers of debian-accessibility can =20
> help us.

I dont see what you are trying to get at.  Its no problem at all IMO.


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