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[Old bugs] #172539: lynx should have SHOW_CURSOR:TRUE by default


It is now 2 and a half years ago that I filed a wishlist bug against lynx
(http://bugs.debian.org/172539) to enable SHOW_CURSOR:TRUE by default.  This
is a change I have to do manually on every new machine I setup, and I am sure
many people here who use either speech or braille output have to do the same.

Additionally, as the comment in /etc/lynx.cfg indicates, turning
on this option also helps people who are for some reason using a
terminal without color support.  For instance, it can be quite tricky to use
lynx reliably via a serial console and minicom without SHOW_CURSOR:TRUE in
some situations.

If anyone knows a reason why this option should not be on by default, please
speak up now, I'd like to know about it.  We don't want to degrade the
lynx experience for anyone.

Otherwise, if you care about this bug and have anything to add to it in
terms of helpful commentry please send a mail to 172539@bugs.debian.org
to support our cause.

You can now also subscribe to bugs on the BTS, so a mail to
172539-subscribe@bugs.debian.org would help to:
 * Keep you informed about ongoing traffic/discussion on this specific bug.
 * Get you counted as one person interested in the resolution/status of this bug.


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