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Come to LinuxTag Accessibility Forum


I would like to inform you about the following event.

June 22nd - 25nd, LinuxTag 2005, europeans biggest linux 
event, take place in Karlsruhe/Germany.
First time, there will be a forum about accessibility of 
linux and free software for handicapped poeple.
Serveral projects will present their solutions on a common 
booth, furthermore there will be several speeches and 
workshops, e.g.

Friday, 24th
"Computer access for blind persons: brltty, BrlAPI etc"
 speaker: Sebastian Hinderer
 time: 15:00

Saturday, 25th
"Festival Speech Synthesizer"
 speaker: Milan Zamazal
 time: 11:00

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More information about LinuxTag: http://www.linuxtag.org

See you!


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