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Re: Gnome accessibility users wanted

Kenny Hitt <kenny@hittsjunk.net> writes:

> Hi.
Hi Kenny & all,

> I'm using Debian's binary packages of Gnome.  The exceptions are
> Gnopernicus, gnome-speech, and Brltty.  I would like to contact
> other Debian users who are regularly using Gnome with Gnopernicus to
> compare notes.
Ok. Now I haven't the whole Gnome with accessibility running on my box
because I didn't succeed to have all the things running properly. But
when I will succeed, it's sure I will have the same configuration as you
have : a debian sarge with gnome from debian mirors and gnopernicus +
gnoem-speech + brltty from sources. I need to have brltty from sources
because it's the only way for me to have the PAPENMEIER BRAILLEX EL40S
running since I need the 3.6 release of brltty.
So I will be very happy to have the whole things running and so if you
Kenny could give me a few advices or some help I will appreciate greatly
! in fact my problem is brltty and gnopernicus since I don't succeed in
having braille working in gnopernicus with brltty. another thing for me
to resolve will be to have a french tts but first the braille will be
very good !
So thx in advance if you could help me. I will try to install all that
again and will ask you some questions if necessary and if you agree of
course since i seems it's running for you.

> It appears some of my problems with accessibility are Debian specific
> patches, while others are general Gnome problems.
> I think it would be nice if Debian users could help try to track down
> and fix the Debian specific bugs, but I seem to be the only one who uses
> Gnome on a regular basis.
No, you are not the only one, soon I will join you I ope and will
exchange with you regarding problems with accessibility (specific to
debian or not).

> Thanks in advance.
>           Kenny
Best regards,

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