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ved (voice editor) [was: Re: Playing tone through speakers]

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 04:57:32PM -0600, Thomas Stivers wrote:
> I am blind and have been using linux for some time. While most of the
> things you listed above can be done with various tools it can be
> difficult to teach new blind linux users how to string it all together.
> I would most certainly be interested in your tool and expect that many
> others would as well. If you release ved you might inform the blinux
> list <blinux-list@redhat.com> and the speakup mailing list
> <speakup@braille.uwo.ca> as well as the debian-accessibility mailing
> list. Thank you for this bell program which is much handier than the
> pc-speaker bell for many things and potentially for the ved program as
> well.

Hi Thomas, I have just published ved.  The source .tgz and an i386 .deb
are available at http://nipl.net/ved/

Here is the Debian package description:

Package: ved
Architecture: any
Depends: sox, setmixer, console-tools
Recommends: speex
Description: a powerful editor for recorded speech
 Ved is a voice editor.  It listens as you speak, removes stretches
 of silence, and helps you structure your speech into sentences,
 paragraphs and chapters, which can be navigated quickly.
 You can delete, change, insert, cut and paste, just like a text
 editor.  It can play back your work at different speeds.
 It does not do speech recognition.
 Ved was designed to be used by a blind person, but it might be
 useful to anyone who wants to record and organize their ideas, keep
 a diary, tell a story, or record an audio-book.  It might also be
 helpful to children, dyslexic people and others who find written
 expression difficult.
 Ved has spoken online help, this feature requires speex.

There is some documentation in the README file.

Ved could use some more work, especially the documentation, but I want
to find out whether anyone will want to use it first.

Please let me know what you think of it!


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