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trying to start gnopernicus

gnopernicus failed error returned was gtk warning can't find "atk-bridge" atk-bridge.so. I'm trying to start up gnopernicus so it will talk. Base system for now is speakup and speakup was killed at the ime. Interestingly, after the command exec startx another login prompt came up talking under speakup so I logged in then killed speakup and typed the gnopernicus command since I got the ($) prompt after having logged iin a second time. I used apt-get to get everything and got as much of the items that were suggested and recommended for gnopernicus when I installed it. Maybe debian could use to save logs of suggested and recommended files not yet downloaded perhaps to help out in situations like this in the future. If nobody has run into and overcome this problem here yet, I'll take it to the gnome-accessibility list and if I gett any useful information I'll sforward it here as well.

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