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Emacspeak and gnopernicus

Title: Emacspeak and gnopernicus

Hi all.

Why is emacspeak as a deb package only available in the unstable tree, and why is it only at version 17 in a deb package?  The version is now up to 21, and it seems to be quite stable at 21 as emacspeak goes.  By the way, I do like the emacspeakconfig scripts, so I hope these stay in.  I found that to use emacspeak 21 with these scripts, it was best to install the deb package of 17 and then upgrade to 21 via the tar.gz available.

Also has anyone had experience with really using gnopernicus for applications and work?  I installed this with gnome and it seemed to work, but very little of the controls on the screen were actually read out.  The icons on the desktop were not read… in fact, the only thing that was read was the gnopernicus window itself.  Perhaps I am missing something here … how recent is the gnopernicus on the sid tree?


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