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Re: X Accessibility (Was: Gnopernicus ...)


Sorry for replying so late, I was on holidays :)
Le mar 24 aoû 2004 à 17:50:00 +0300, Veli-Pekka Tatila a tapoté sur son clavier :
> >tricky. Cause alt arrow left/right is already used to switch
> >next/prev vt.
> Well it could be some other key as well. THe only thing you'd have to do is 
> to remove the restriction that in line-oriented input like in the console, 
> you cannot move from one line to another.

I'm not sure to understand your problem. The brltty text console
reading program lets you look around the screen as you want, and
come back to the normal cursor as wished. For this, special keyboard
shortcuts are indeed used, I don't know which ones (since I'm mostly
working on braille devices, which have their own keys).


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