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Re: X Accessibility (Was: Gnopernicus ...)

Andor Demarteau wrote:
I don't think xmms codecs are supported, but I'm not sure.
By codec , do you really mean compressor decompressor or something more sophisticated? To me codecs are algorithms that turn some compressed file format into ordinary PCM that the player can then play back. The kinds of plug-ins I'm talking about, although called input plug-ins in Winamp, often generate or synthesize new audio in stead of just compressing or decompressing. Like emulating the sound hardware and CPU of a gaming console and playing back raw assembler dumps of such music. Winamp has also got DSP-plugins that can apply effects on audio streams in real time. I hope there are something similar in Mplayer. Using a time-stretching plug-in in Winamp, I'm able to read compressed mp3 audio-books almost twice as fast as usual, and all in real time for free.

i.e. you could grand someone root-access only to run apt-get ro all
apt* tools.
It works on a basis of regex's
Thanks for the breakdown. Regexps are one of the few things I've really learned to like in Unix-style OSes so far. the other thing is the command-line syntax
progname -switch
in stead of
progname /s /w /i /t /c /h
Where all the spaces and other slashes are just redundant and make parsing more difficult, too.

Um, still, isn't granting root access to some program a potential security risk?

section508 stuff in the US, they want it accessible.
So they are indeed a heavy developer in that project.
It's real nice some commercial firm with expertise on accessibility is willing to contribute for free.

Will check that. I think I've already visited the site at some point but it's been a while.

maybe using a framebuffer os any other svgalib-like stuff may be a
good startingpoint.
Again, this is one of the things I'd like to attempt doing. But only after I've become decent in Linux and learned some OS-specific stuff regarding programming.

Another silly question:
I usually dislike cryptic and ambiguous command names, such as many things in Linux (ps, cp etc...), but really like SQL as far as the syntax goes. Is there a shell whose notion of dealing with files and programs is vaguely similar to SQL queries? Something that resembles natural language as much as is possible and practical, as well as letting me run SQL-styel queries to get at file statistics. Perhaps even psudo object oriented command structures where you'd say
file1->copy(file2, other, arguments);
IN stead of the usual.

better use java then.
NOt really. Perl and C allow much better direct hardware access as far as I can tell. Also, although Java supports regexp, the object orientation seems to be just on the way most of the time. Regexp in Perl is so much more practical.

I need to do some fairly complex regexp parsing in Java and ...
I'm going to test and write things in Perl first and then translate it to Java when I'm sure it works, hehe.

there are native-compilers around as well
Any free ones out there? I'm moderately interested.

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