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Re: using gnopernicus with dectalk

On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 07:19:45PM -0500, Thomas Stivers wrote:
> Hi all. I have been trying to get the dectalk software to work with
> gnopernicus, but I can't see any way to select dectalk once running
> gnopernicus. I got gnome-speech sources and built my own debs from them
> with no errors, but then can't see any way to select dectalk in the
> gnopernicus preferences. Could anyone who has gotten this combination up
> and running let me know? If I have missed some obvious docs please feel
> free to beat me about the head with TFM. Thanks for any tips.

Hi.  Does the DECtalk server show up when you run test-speech from
the console?  If not, then the gnome-speech package didn't build the 
DECtalk driver.
If the driver is built, you should be able to change the voice in 
preferences, speech voices, edit absolute.
Don't forget to use alt down arrow to activate the combo boxes
in the absolute voices dialog.  Change the engine driver first
and then use the engine voices to change the voice.

I'm sure it's documented somewhere, but I have no idea where.

Hope this helps.

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