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BRLTTY and a flite module package?


Version 3.5 of BRLTTY will have a speech driver module for Festival Lite.
This module links dynamically against the quite large (6MB or so) festival
lite library.  Now, I am pondering how to go about this new module. I basically
see two approach:
1. Create a new binary package (for example, brltty-flite) and only put
   the driver module /lib/brltty/libbrlttysfl.so) (plus policy-required
   files, or course) in it. This package should Depend on the same
   version of BRLTTY as it was compiled from.  A user wishing to use
   the Festival Lite driver module would apt-get install brltty-flite,
   and get BRLTTY + the required (large) library for speech synthesis.
   However, the drawback is that the package brltty-flite would only contain
   a very little binary object (7kb or so).  Given that we actually
   want to keep the number of binary packages in the archive at a minimum,
   that is quite a drawback.
2. Do not split off the festival lite module.  This has the drawback
   that every user, no matter if she is interested in speech at all, or wants
   to use Festival Lite as a backend in particular, would need to
   download the quite huge Festival Lite library package to satisfy
   the dependency.  Given that I think most BRLTTY users do not really care
   about speech support currently, this seems like quite a drawback.  OTOH,
   the small 7kb object file would stay in the main package, and we wouldn't
   bloat the archive with yet another small binary package.

Any opinions?

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