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Re: Text interface of d-i beta4

barbier@linuxfr.org (Denis Barbier) writes:

> as you may know, debian-installer beta4 is out now.
> The text interface has been deeply modified since beta3, but
> there has been no feedback so far about its usability with
> braille or speech devices.  As we are near the final release,
> it is time to test it, otherwise bugs won't get fixed.

I didn't forget about this.  Unfortunately, hardware hates me in the
last weeks it seems.  On my d-i test-machine[1], syslinux doesn't boot from
floppy anymore (god knows why), and some days later, two floppy drives died
in succession.

> Mario, are access images available somewhere?

/debian/dists/sid/main/installer-i386/beta4/images/floppy/access on every
FTP mirror.

[1] For proper testing, I need access to the screen content even if
    assistive technology drivers didn't get loaded.  I do this with a
    RealWeasel, a VGA card thats actually a VT100 emulator.  So I need
    two machines, and I can't just test d-i whereever I want :-(.

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