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Speakup and BRLTTY enabled Debian-Installer flavours


Just a short notice, the Speakup and BRLTTY enabled Debian-Installer
flavour has been merged with official Debian-Installer.
This means you can now use the images from:

(the relevant files are speakup-image.img, access-image.img and

I am currently away from home, and can not really do any Installer testing
with the hardware and spare time I have available here.
If it is possible for you to have a look at this new installer,
please do so, and let us know about the results.

      Mario Lang

Graz University of Technology     mailto:lang@ZID.TUGraz.at
Department Computing               http://www.ZID.TUGraz.at/lang/
Phone: +43 (0) 316 / 873 - 6897
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 /of a compass, protractor, and straight edge. It is claimed he is a/
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