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Re: Mozilla 1.5 and accessibility support


In Mozilla 1.4 Debian Packages accessibility was already enabled.
I manually verified that back then.  When I tried Mozilla 1.5 with gnopernicus
(all from Debian packaging), I was at least partially able to read
a web site I browsed to.  It is far from really being useful,
but Gnopernicus was at least able to see the rendered page partially,
and I could use TAB to jump from link to link.  Given that, I did
not recheck if 1.5 has accessibility enabled too.  But I am fairly
sure it has.  IIRC, you just need to build the Mozilla package
to the point where the configure script has finished running.  Some
file like config.h or something will then contain the various build time
settings.  I believe the variable you are looking for (in case you
really want to check) is something with ACCESSIBILITY=1.

Nath <nath.ml@free.fr> writes:

> Hi all,
> when trying to use Mozilla 1.5 with Gnopernicus I'm only able to hear
> speech from buttons and text fields (nothing more) : so I ask me if the
> accessibility support has been enabled when the Mozilla 1;5 debian
> package has been compiled or if we must absolutly recompile Mozilla from
> sources in order to have accessibility support enabled ? It seems to
> have accessibility support we must use the --enable-accessibility flag
> when doing the ./configure before compiling Mozilla.
> So if someone could clarifiy this point for me ?
> Thx in advance,
> -- 
> Nath

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