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Re: gnome and debian + gnopernicus

Attila Konietzka <attilakonietzka@gmx.net> writes:

> Did anyone get gnome + gnopernicus up and running on debian testing?
Last time I checked, it did work, yes.

> I aks because i want to try it out, after the brand new garnome system gave
> me errors after errors when installing and no hints to fix it up.
> i grabbed:
> # apt-get install gnome-core gnopernicus,
> but still it isn't enough, i get errors like this:
> gtk+-warning: can't open display.

When do you get this error message?  It sort of looks to me as if you
were trying to start gnopernicus from the normal (console) command line?
You need to start up GNOME, before you will be able to use the Gnopernicus
screen reader.  This also involves configuring a working X Windows System.

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