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Re: debian installer and speakup

Frank Carmickle <frankiec@braille.uwo.ca> writes:

> On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Mario Lang wrote:
>> That is a good time!  I have just created the 'access'
>> floppy flavour in d-i.  Check it out from CVS, we basicly
>> just have to set a special kernel version/name, and build with that.
>> The access flavour currently supports brltty.  But if it would be
>> equipped with a speakup-kernel, it could support both.
>> A little tip to get started: You need to build
>> kernel-image-xxx-udeb packages.  Probably the best way to get
>> it up and running is to look at the current kernel-image-xxx-udeb
>> packages and see how they are done.  If you can come up with
>> working udebs for speakup-enabled kernels, integrating that into the
>> access flavour should be fairly easy.
> Ok.  Well today I sort of banged around with this stuff a bit.  I need to
> install on a machine so you know how that goes.  Toss something together
> to make it work for the time being.  Anyway the debian installer is in
> horrible shape as of 2 days ago.

There are problems right now, yes.  Some of them have just
recently been fixed (like the mklibs problem).  Others just recently
appeared (mklibs failing on brltty).

> But I would like to get the debian install utils together to put
> together my own set of rootfs images and speakup kernel and so
> forth.  I don't really see where to find the udebs.  What is
> different about a udeb from a normal kernel-image.deb?

udebs are normally built from the same source package as their corresponding
"real" package.  The difference between udebs and normal debian packages
is just that udebs do not need to follow Debian Policy.  That is,
they do not require to include certain files (like documentation in /usr/share/doc/package-name),
and they can be compiled with special optimisations, like -Os.

> Where is a good place to catch up to speed on the debian installer?
The debian-installer CVS /doc subdirectory?

Feel free to ask me any specifics, I will try to answer if possible.

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