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Re: Gnopernicus entered unstable [owner@bugs.debian.org (Debian Bug Tracking System)] Bug#160783 acknowledged by developer (Bug#160783: fixed in gnopernicus 0.0.2+cvs20030320-1)

Hi.  I installed the Gnopernicus package on April 15.  It didn't provide
much speech feedback at first.  When I asked on the gnome-accessibility
list, I was told to update Gnopernicus as well as other accessibility
modules from CVS.  When I did this, I got better results.  Over the
weekend, most of the accessibility modules were updated in Debian, and
my results got even better.  At this point, Gnopernicus, gnome-speech,
and at-spi are from CVS.  Everything else is from Debian packages.

Gnopernicus still has several bugs, but it seems to be usable.  One big
bug in Gnopernicus is the lack of help.  The developers are asking for
someone to help them write it, so that should change soon.


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